General Rules

Information and rules

Overview: This is a photography competition website for artists who wish to compete for money and/or prizes by submitting their work into varying contests. The final winners are determined by our judges who have sole discretion in the final decision. Employees, interns, or partners of Tellysphotos, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and employees, are not eligible to enter. The competition dates are strict late entries are not accepted.

1)    These are family orientated competitions following submissions are not acceptable:

Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable or inappropriate content.

Images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife, or damage to the environment by the photographer. Images that involve putting any individual or animal in danger.

2)    Tellysphotos runs three competitions simultaneously and all competitions complete in 90 day cycles. Winners will be announced within a week after the contests end, at which point the judge’s decision is final.

3)    Entry Formats: We accept 3 different types of entries which can be submitted to any of our contests: Standard photographs, mobile phone photographs, and sketch drawings. “Standard

4)    Photographs” include photos taken by dedicated camera equipment. Photos from mobile phones or similar devices will be judged separate from standard photos and sketch drawings.

1)You can only submit your own photos into this site, so please keep proof handy as winners may be requested to confirm ownership of their art.

2) Photos submitted directly and without payment will not be eligible for entry into the competitions and may later be used in various publications and/or exhibitions and sadly no compensation will be returned to the photographer if no payment was received.

3) Please follow all submission instructions carefully, we are a unique site that returns great benefits to today’s artist and we also use funding to support future artists.

4) All submitted photos (deemed viable) will be stored and offered for sale on our soon to be completed stock photos website site.

5) The artist will get a return of 88% for the work they submitted after it is sold

6) Payment of 88% of the total profit goes back to the artist no less than 7 days after payment for the art is has been received into our account.

So entering one of our competitions is an investment in your own artistic future

8) The cost of each standard entry (either a “standard photographs” or a sketch drawing) is $15. You may submit standard entries in bulk for a discount price of 5 entries for $30 or 10 entries for $50. For alternative bulk prices, please contact us directly. Mobile phone entries are submitted at a flat rate of $2 for each entry.

9) Payments: All cash prizes will be paid directly to the winner(s) via the most suitable international social media app.


Note that:

  • The site is open for contestants of all ages.
  • Images submitted can be altered in any way by the artist.
  • We have no date restrictions on when you photo was taken.
  • We will only accept art that is owned by the contestant.
  • No photos of people will be published without a signed model release form.
  • No photos of brands or logos will be published ever.

When you submit a photograph to enter these Photo Contests, you give Tellysphotos a royalty-free, nonexclusive right to:

  • Display the photograph on all our linked sites internationally sites
  • Allow third-parties to share the photograph on social media.
  • Use the photograph on the Internet and in Social Media in support of our young artists.
  • Use the photograph in our internal and external communications materials including but not limited to web sites and web publications, fact sheets, fund raising publications, advertising, multimedia, presentation and membership services, annual reports and online magazines.
  • Provide your photographs to other individuals and organizations for news stories, newsletters, reports, slide shows, displays, web pages, videos, membership premiums, and all that necessary stuff
  • Use, in connection with the Photo Contest, your name, city, state and country of residence in promotions and other publications
  • Retain a digital copy of your photograph that will be archived
  • Tellysphotos will endeavor to credit all photographs with the caption “Person’s Name” when the full name is available.

Remember: It is not about the camera. It is not about the photographer. It is not about the subject. It’s about the moment, capture it! Ponder it! Submit it! Then go and pick up your camera again….”because to frame is to tame”

If you have more specific questions, you can either contact us or read the FAQ section below.


Inspire Us

When you submit a photo or drawing to our site, you should also include a brief note about why you submitted this, or tell us how this picture expresses your feelings, emotions, dreams, or fear. Also tell us a little about who or what is in the picture, and how it caught and held your attention. Even a self-written poem, verse, or quote would be welcome. On this competition site you have 3 ways to impress the judges:

Feel – Make us feel.

We want to feel our hearts beat like rain on a window and as fellow photographers and artists, we want to be stimulated, as you describe the moment that made you want to freeze forever, that single second. Tell us why this image should become part of a collection of art that inspires others, and how it shows all the vast implications of being “never learning humans on this forever churning earth.”

See – Help us see.

We want to see the kinship, natural beauty, undeniable energy, life blood, macro wonders, pure innocence or the harsh reality of this world, coming from the art you present to us.

Hear – Talk with us.

We want to hear the inhale between our wind cracked lips, either because of laughter or anguish as you write directly to our emotions, with the passion of well-aimed flame thrower. Voice us that synchronization of moment camera and environment. This great chance you had to impress the world with your photographic skills, and even though the picture cannot truly show what you saw with your 600mp eyes, we need your words to create a window that will enable us to think as you did. To see as you did, to touch as you did and to listen as you did.

The judges are waiting to be impressed. The book with your photos in it is waiting to be printed.

Our judges are human and they will not be judging who has the newest camera, who calculated the perfect bokeh, or how much money we can get for on-selling your photos. They will be looking for the feeling from your moment.

So, we wish you a tremendous day out in the breeze with your camera, mobile phone, or sketch pad and we will be honored and delighted to receive you submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I enter the same photograph into multiple categories?2017-10-05T21:24:32+00:00

Please do not enter the same photograph into more than one category.

Do you accept black-and-white photographs?2017-10-05T21:24:08+00:00

Yes. We also accept color photographs changed to black and white in all categories.

Can photographs be manipulated or enhanced?2017-10-05T21:23:40+00:00

Yes, photographs can be altered and entered into any category they can be digitally or traditionally manipulated or enhanced.

What if my digital photograph does not have a resolution of 300 dpi, or more, at least 3,000 pixels on the longest side?2017-10-05T21:23:16+00:00

Extreme quality of photos should not be your primary goal, your goal is to trigger some kind of emotional reaction in our judging panel because of your photos, so submit any photo that makes you sigh, brings a smile to someone’s face, a tear to someone’s eye or a photo that makes other people reach out and want to touch what you framed.

Can photographs be cropped?2017-10-05T21:22:31+00:00

Yes, cropped photographs are eligible in all categories.

Can I enter a photograph if I no longer have the negative?2017-10-05T21:21:52+00:00

If a photograph taken on film does not have a slide or negative, it can be entered into the contest if you have a high resolution digital scan.

Can an old photo be entered?2017-10-05T21:21:31+00:00

Yes you can enter old photos.

Do you accept non-digital photographs?2017-10-05T21:21:06+00:00

Yes. We accept high-quality scanned images of non-digital photographs.

What rights to my photograph do I retain?2017-10-05T21:17:14+00:00

You retain your rights to your photograph. However, by entering the contest, entrants grant us, a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, public exhibition, archival, scholarly, and all other standard purposes. Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit as feasible. We will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses

I’m am under 17 years old. Can I enter the contest?2017-10-05T21:16:01+00:00

Yes, but later we may require your guardian’s permission for you to receive a prize or have your photo or drawing displayed in our publications.

Is it okay to enter a photograph that has been on my website?2017-10-05T21:15:28+00:00

Yes, your photograph is eligible for submission. Please provide your website address for our future reference.

I entered my photo into another contest but it did not win. Can I enter it into this contest?2017-10-05T21:14:54+00:00

Photographs that have won other contests, either online or in print, are not eligible for submission. But photographs that failed to win other contests or have not been viewed publicly can be submitted to our site.

I want to submit a photograph of a stranger(s), that was shot spontaneously or in another country. There is no way I will be able to get their signature for a model release. What do I do?2017-10-05T21:18:50+00:00

It is understandable that photographers taking pictures overseas or in public places may be unable to secure a model release form, so please feel free to enter your photographs in these types of situations. If you have any concerns about the eligibility of your photographs, please contact us via email and provide a detailed description of the circumstances of your photograph and we will review your query.

Do I need release forms for people in my photo?2017-10-05T21:13:22+00:00

If they are recognizable, and especially if they are children, you need a release form. If you have a signed model release form, please retain it in your personal files. If you are selected as a finalist, you may be asked to submit the release at that time.

Will you change the category if you think I put my photograph into the wrong one?2017-10-05T21:11:38+00:00

Yes. If necessary our judges will change the category of your submission. This will not affect your eligibility to win.

Will negatives and slides, which will be requested of finalists, be returned?2017-10-05T21:11:07+00:00

All original negatives, slides, and prints will be returned to finalists if requested. However, a time frame may apply to each request. Postal return costs should be covered by the requester

Will I be notified if I was not chosen as a finalist or winner?2017-10-05T21:10:14+00:00

No. Due to the incredibly large number of submissions, only the winners and finalists will be will be notified of their status. If you do not hear from us, then you are neither a finalist nor a winner. But please keep trying. Sometimes we don’t know just how close we are to success.

When will the winners be announced?2017-10-05T21:09:18+00:00

The 4 category winners will be contacted using the contact information they provided when they submitted the drawings or photo(s). The winners will be notified a few days after the competition ends and photos may be displayed on the website or in other media at a later date.

Do you have an alternative payment method?2017-10-05T21:07:45+00:00

Yes you are welcome to contact us directly via email etc. and advise us of your preferred payment method.

What size should my digital image be for uploading with the online entry form?2017-10-05T21:07:17+00:00

Files submitted may not be larger than 10MB. Photo contest images are judged on computer screens. When uploading an image, entering a low-resolution file should be fine as long as it is large enough in inches so that the visual integrity of the image is not compromised. For display on the web, we recommend a minimum width of 1200 pixels. Please retain a high-resolution version of your photograph(s) in your personal files. You may need to have a higher-resolution image on hand.

How many photos can I enter into the contest?2017-10-05T21:06:44+00:00

You may enter no more than Twenty five (25) photographs in each of the 4 categories with a total contest submission of One hundred (100) photographs or drawings.

How do I submit my photograph?2017-10-05T21:05:58+00:00

You can submit your photographs online directly by following our webpage submission instructions. Alternatively, we are delighted to accept entries submitted through the mail, but please advise us of your intentions well before the closing date of the contest you wish to enter. Note that we accept no responsibility for lost or damaged photos during postage and that we are unable to return photos posted to us.