Description: Day dreaming is when your face cant hide the truth, a parallel but unique universe exists inside that beautiful mind, just behind those glazed poised still eyes, and no gentle coxing is going to move those saggy limbs. So comfortable it is to pilfer a moment from this bustle and push world. But its so hard to capture somebody daydreaming on camera. You might find a lonely a monkey on a rock or it could be reflection in a window of a face you once knew a forgotten mortal on a park bench viewing internal deliberation, a fisherman who does not care if anything bites. Its such an ‘in your face world’ now its almost considered a mental crime to keep the eyes open but be looking inward. So be stealth and be rapid daydreaming is brief and easily disturbed.

Time Limit: 90 days

Prize Total: $200
⋆ Best Standard Entry – $100
⋆ Best Mobile Entry – $100


1)   The cash prizes at this time will be $100USD for the winner of each competition. The prize money amount will increase greatly in the near future and the amount of prizes given out will be increased at the start of each new set of competitions.

2)   This means, in the near future we will have 9 winners or 30 winners all receiving the same amount of prize money. So the entry cost is less on this site compared to other similar sites and you also have a lot more chances to win on

3)   For those of you who submit a set of photos, one photo could be chosen from your set as a possible winner, but the photo set may later be displayed or sold together.

At this time has 3 competitions running simultaneously Winners will be displayed on our sites and on all our linked social media sites around the closing date of each competition.


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4)   Please follow all submission rules carefully regards submission payments.

5)   It will cost you $2 to enter 1 photo from your mobile phone

6)   It will cost you $15 to submit 1 photo from your computer

6)We also accept sets of photos for standard entries, $15 for a single entry, $30 for a 5 entry set, and $50 for a 10 entry set. Please contactus directly if you have alternative amounts.

7)   We will be storing all your art so in coming months we will open a stock photo sales website. We will keep you posted about this.

8)   Our new soon to be completed stock photo website named 88% will return 88% of the total profit to the artists, so submitting a photo is investing in your artistic future. And at the same time supporting other young artists to do what they are good at.


10)                     Funds raised from Photographs submitted into Tellysphotos competitions will help many young artists focus on doing what they love to do via sponsored student art and encouragement programs and photography nature weekends.

11) If you find you preferred app payment system is not on our website or the payment system you use does not send you an email receipt after you submit a photo, please advise us immediately.