We want you to inspire us.

Help us see. Make us feel. Talk to us.

Our aim is to provide photo competitions that do not set boundaries regarding the quality of your equipment or crave aesthetically bokeh backgrounds that are more attractive than the intended subject, nor do we ask for photoshopped out of reality images that looks like something from a 1950s science fiction movie.

We like to focus on heart-warming, uplifting, inspiring, natural images – images that make us stop and ponder: “How stirring it is to be a part of this enchanting, dramatic, flesh and blood world!”

We want to see photos that inspire us to pick up our camera, get outside, and take those small personal risks that later inspire others. Photos that make us want to contact the photographer and say “Well done. Your image has a beautiful voice.”

Our aim is also to collect all your moment defining, chuckle Inducing, soul nudging, “wish I could see more,” tissue clenching, truth telling, personal victories, life’s best moment to date, deep sigh, “wish I had taken that,” memory prompting, game changing, “that’s my life,” warm fuzzy, brain buzzing, “I said smile,” if objects could talk, mentally puzzling, tenderly amusing, once in a life time, photos. We want to put them in a beautiful book and send them back to you so a piece of you is always sitting on the coffee table.

So, become part of something that inspires you to push yourself, past “I would like to be” into becoming an “I am.”

Meet our judges.

All judges are professionals in the vocational field they’ve chosen. All of them have one thing in common: they adore visual art and they spend their free time making the final decision in our hard fort competitions. So, if your art finds itself in front of our judges, it is in good eyes.

Telly Paul
Telly PaulDirector and dusty thick black book Googler
Photography is my passion it is also my teacher, my calm and the results are my secret
inner pride
As a boy growing up in 1980s New Zealand I had camera in front of my face way back in
the days when Googling was something your mother scolded you for.
Waiting 7 days for the photos to be printed at the local Chemist. (Drugstore)
The joy that came as we poured over and roared with laughter, about the amateur
snaps we did not even dream about the possibility of editing, the shinny paper memories we
dutifully pasted into thick black books.
The same books that old mothers drag out today and dust off because nervous new
dates are brought home to be Googled and laughed at.
Oh photography you are much older than me but you keep getting younger and
fresher and surprising everyone.
I designed this site for people of all camera brands, abilities and all ages
This site is a like a photographic library, you can come and enjoy others work and
borrow it if you desire, or you can submit your own photos from far gone
yesterdays or now.
If you find something on this site and decide to take it home remember that
88% of the money you pay goes back to the artiest.
Because ‘we are not about money, we are about memory’ and the unifying
pleasure photography attaches to it.
So if photography interests you support us in any way you can, and we will
support fellow artists in every way we possible can.
Lori Hamm
Lori Hamm
At my birth, my father named me Lori Anne. Our Family Name was Harvey. To hear him
tell it, my mother wanted to call me something else, and like a hero, he carefully chose my
name thinking I would grow into it! I am still not sure if I ever did.
My Grandfather gave me my first camera when I was just 6-years old. Needless to say, as a
short little 6-year-old, all my pictures were of people from the waist down! With a lot of love
and an amazing amount of patience, my grandpa showed me his love of pictures and how to
capture more than the lower half of someone’s body!
By the age of 10, I was quite efficient with my tiny camera, and my Grandfather was up to
his ears in photographs from my efforts. No matter how many rolls of film he bought me, I
would have them filled when he arrived for his regular visits.
When I was in my mid-teens, I started entering contests for my photography and I won many
awards and had my work displayed in many places.
I began to train with a Wedding Photographer about the same time I got a job in a local
department store Portrait Studio. With a career in my hobby industry, I could never grow
board. I managed to work for the same company for many years, even though the corporate structure changed from family and
baby photography to pet photography!
I am a huge country music fan! I have been blessed in my time, to have been almost close enough to touch – some of the biggest
names in country music!
Though Life throws many curves and bumpy roads in your path, when you come out the other side, it feels like you have made it
and now you get to start the next chapter of your life.
I’ve had many, many chapters! That said, the only way I would not live the same life over again is if I somehow was unable to
see the light in my life, that photography gives me!
You never know what will make that great shot. The key is preparation combined with patience! I always have a general idea
what I am going to see when I look through my view finder, but sometimes when I actually look, I am so pleasantly surprised, it
brings a big smile to my face. Even after all these years!
Portraits are not just my passion, they are who I am. As a Photographer for over 25 years, I take
pride in every frame I see in my view finder.
There is nothing so satisfying to me than seeing the look on a clients’ face when they see
themselves as I see them. My lens just naturally sees my clients in their best light.
Portraits and all photographic media lifts me up and lets my spirit soar. I endeavour to provide
this same feeling for my clients, their family and friends.
When I am outside and communing with nature, or I see birds outside my window; if I am out
in the mountains and I see a bear or mountain goats or if I am just stopping at a lake and
taking spot landscape photos, there is nothing I would rather look at. Just to see the beauty of
the world around us.
Lara H.
Lara H.China
HI fellow photographers
I am a 27 year old graphic designer and a professional photographer.
I love photography, animation and illustration, give me something to manipulate and I will smile with the satisfaction of a demi God.
I am looking forward to being one of the first to see all your impressive artistic efforts. I will judge with care and consideration, I am sure your photos will be both enchanting, humbling and inspiring.
It will be awesome to be in the middle of such and active online powerhouse of photographic talent and imagination.
Rather than writing words and more words let my work express.’I have x years of experience’ You can have a look at my portfolio to see the quality and the kind of work I do.
Then you will understand why I was invited to support such a rewarding and challenging project.
Find the time to visit my portfolio and Facebook page “Art by LH” Thanks in anticipation!
Wish you the best of luck in your artfulness
Also remember these words.
“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse